Investment Immigration Consulting

Best Royal’s Investment Immigration Services provide a one-stop, one-stop overseas investment and immigration professional service for those intending to invest overseas. We provide top professional investment immigration services to individuals and corporate clients, and successfully complete every application with all available resources and industry experts. At the same time we pledge to deliver to every one of our clients the most equitable, honest, legal and rational professional services. In a perfect and efficient follow-up project follow-up system to protect all your rights.

Consulting Process

  • 1. Contact Best Royal

    Contact our Investment Immigration Consultant and Immigration Specialist to evaluate your client’s eligibility based on the conditions and wishes.

  • 2. Signing and Pay

    Contractors, immigration experts to guide the preparation of materials, and problems that may be encountered to provide assistance to the guests.

  • 3. Submit the Application

    Customer submits the information to immigration consultant, after careful examination, submit your application to the selected Canadian embassy or Consulate-General, and wait for the file number after receiving the application.

  • 4. Wait and Keep in Touch

    We will keep in touch with the immigration office and keep track of the client’s case, and we will receive the immigration office’s supplementary information in time.

  • 5. Settle Down Service

    To provide customers with on-site consultation before landing Canada, customers arrived abroad to provide a comprehensive and thoughtful landing service.


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