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Best Royal Consulting is a consulting services company focused on professional investment information services, real estate investment analysis, capital appreciation services and project operation solutions.

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Company Vision

Best Royal helps Chinese companies to open up markets in North America, nurture Chinese entrepreneurs to go global, invest in North America, harvest North America, and build a world-class, world-class investment institution.

Investment Philosophy

Pursuit of financial security and long-term profitability, customer benefits priority, and actively promote the healthy development of investment targets, to provide professional and rational analysis services to achieve the enhancement of asset value.

Investment Strategy

Based on the principle of marketization and commercialization, we should establish a decentralized and prudent investment strategy and invest and nurture through the investment channels and tools such as direct investment, private equity, joint investment and debt financing, and select the targets with good business models and market prospects. Tap and exert the value of its assets, effectively control the investment risks and seek the long-term interests of the Company.

Real Estate Investment

Are you interested in buying Canadian real estate and investment properties? Best Royal makes the process easy and straightforward and responsible for everything you do.

Investment Areas

Projects include real estate investment, international mergers and acquisitions, financing, domestic industries go out, the company operating overseas guidance, and a wealth of investment immigration projects.

Risk Management

The Company has established a risk management system including major components of risk identification, analysis, assessment, response, supervision and improvement. Risk control covers all aspects of the investment business.

Decision-making Mechanism

The investment project shall be prepared by the project team through preliminary work and the project proposal shall be prepared and approved after the project approval meeting of the company is approved. The back office department of the joint project company conducted due diligence and completed the work of architecture design, profit forecasting, and risk analysis.

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Resources & News

Protection Policy of Chinese Enterprises’ Investment and Cooperation in Canada

In October 1973, the two countries signed the Agreement on Government Trade; the General Agreement on Development Cooperation was signed in October 1983; the “China-Canada Technical Cooperation Plan” was signed in October 1986; the “Maritime Agreement” was signed in April 1997; The Air Services Agreement was re-signed in September 2005 and the Agreement on Science and Technology was signed in January 2007.

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Canadian Environmental Protection Laws

Canada’s environmental protection at the federal, provincial and municipal levels of management. Usually, international environmental affairs are decided by the federal government, and inter-provincial environmental matters are coordinated by the federal government. The Federal Ministry of the Environment assumes the primary responsibility for environmental management, including the protection and promotion of the natural environment in Canada, the protection of renewable resources and the availability of water resources throughout the country, the implementation of border water laws in Canada and the United States, and timely and accurate meteorological forecasts And forecast, coordinate the federal government’s environmental projects and related policies.

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Labor Law

The Canadian Labor Code is formulated by the provinces under the leadership of different political parties. Although different, the basic principles are roughly the same. It is important for employers to understand the Labor Code. When an employee is fired, he or she can consult the legal profession about their rights and interests. If the employer fails to comply with the Labor Law, it will be liable to pay compensation. Under such circumstances, the default employer can hardly escape the penalty. Even if a contract was made with an employee, the contract is still invalid if it is unlawful. The Labor Law protects the basic rights of workers through the establishment of basic standards in salary, working hours and holidays.

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Canada Investment Guidelines

Canadian Investment Law

Investing in Canada requires strict compliance with the Canadian Investment Code

Canadian Company Law

Canadian company law is a law on the creation and operation of companies

China Canada Bilateral Investment Protection Agreement

On September 9, 2012, China and Canada signed the Bilateral Investment Protection Agreement.

Canadian Federal Tax Code

Introduction to Canadian federal tax law

More Canadian Investment Guidance Information

More Canadian Investment Guidance Information

Canada Investment Guide

Canadian Investment Law

Canadian Company Law
China Canada Bilateral Investment Protection Agreement
Canadian Federal Tax Code
More Canada Investment Guide